Self Hypnosis For Work Stress – Secrets of Sleeping Cats

Yes it’s that time of the year again when I’m planning another self hypnosis hypnotherapy workshop for reducing stress and anxiety at work. The next workshop will take place in my practice on Saturday January 16th 2016 at 11am and will focus on:

- Utilising powerful diaphragmatic breathing techniques to allow the mind and body to relax.

- Experiencing the source of your work related stresses whilst in a calm hypnotic state, before utilising mental rehearsal techniques that allow you to release the anxiety and imagine yourself at work feeling calm, relaxed, in control and happy.

- Coping with any future work stress triggers in a more mindful way so that you are able to lift the anxieties and worries you may have about your work and flourish instead.

This workshop is perfect for anyone that is thinking about giving hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis a try because the techniques I use within this workshop are also used within therapeutic interventions.

As with most anxiety or stress, becoming mindful of how we think about the anxiety and react to it – often with negative behaviours or emotions – is a vital part of the process of learning to let go of the anxiety and feeling better able to cope with pressure at work.

Book early to avoid disappointment!



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