How I Help Binge Drinkers Stop Drinking

When I read a recent report by the World Health Organisation regarding binge drinking statistics for the UK, I was initially surprised by our high placement of 13th in the list of world countries with the heaviest drinking. But heavy drinking and alcohol abuse are some of the most common issues I deal with on a daily basis.

Over the last several years I have developed a solid system of interventions within a therapeutic plan that help clients overcome their bingeing. These include:

1. Anchoring Feelings Of Power And Control
I often get clients to experience moments in their life when they had total power and control or if they cannot remember such a time, imagined power and control. This helps build confidence and the power to say no to alcohol. Hypnosis is fantastic for enhancing positive experiences and we build on these positive experiences during each session.

2. Saying No To Alcohol
There are certain situations where people who binge find it difficult to say no and I focus on bringing these situations up in the clients mind and get them to rehearse their newfound power and control. It’s surprising how powerful practising saying No! to alcohol is – the mind learns from this rehearsal and prepares you to stop drinking and to walk away from alcohol in these situations.

3. Imagining Ourselves As Non Drinkers
Sometimes bad habits feel like they have been with us for a lifetime but this is not necessarily true. I help clients imagine themselves without the binge drinking habit and this can be a real release for someone who has labelled themselves with the tag of ‘binge drinker’ for too long.

4. Changing The Binge Drinking Part Of Us
Through hypnosis we can address our binge drinking part and get it to accept healthy new ways of behaving instead that let the drinking habit go. Imagine yourself dealing with issues such as boredom or loneliness or anger in healthy ways that avoid alcohol intake. This can be achieved through hypnosis and really empowers the client.

5. Dealing Positively With Binge Drinking Triggers
Being aware of our triggers for excessive drinking can pave the way forward for reacting differently to alcohol in these situations. No matter what life throws up we can take a step back and experience ourselves in a positive way that helps us deal with any situations without the need to binge on alcohol.

These are just some of the techniques that I use on a daily basis to help clients stop bingeing. Get in touch if you need help!

Mark Spalek

Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy
Dip Hyp, Dip NLP, GHR (Reg), MSc, BSc, PGCE

Why Imagery And Hypnosis Work Well To Enhance Sports Performance

One of the challenges of being a hypnotherapist is to use hypnotherapy to help athletes overcome any anxiety or negative emotions and feelings they may have regarding their performance and to foster positive thoughts feelings and emotions surrounding their sporting activities instead.

Imagery with hypnosis is a technique I regularly employ to help sportsmen and sportswomen boost their sports performance. Imagery is used by athletes to imagine themselves performing a specific activity in a specific situation. For example, a footballer may imagine taking a penalty in the last minute of a football match, a gymnast of performing a complex set of floor exercises. With imagery the athlete is able to boost their confidence and self esteem by imagining themselves performing their specific activity in just the way that they want to perform it, utilising all of their senses (sight, smell, hearing and feeling).

Hypnosis is a powerful aid to the process of sports imagery as it makes this process more powerful and vivid.

So for example, in a situation when an athlete comes to me with a problem regarding performance anxiety due to an injury, we can work together to take the athlete back to when the injury was sustained and we can then lift any negative emotions and feelings surrounding this event. We can then get the athlete to imagine performing to the best of their ability in a high pressure situation, instilling confidence and getting rid of any anxiety that they may have.  This can all be achieved through powerful mental rehearsal techniques under hypnosis.

I really enjoy working with athletes in this way, building up their confidence to perform to the best of their abilities.

Good luck to Leicester City!