Introducing the Positive Weight Loss Plan

Positive Weight Loss Plan

The Positive Weight Loss Plan has been specifically designed for those of you who wish to lose weight safely and healthily and once you have achieved your target weight, to maintain this weight. The plan includes:

Five Hypnotherapy Sessions

Five sessions of hypnotherapy based on your specific eating habits and relationship with food are included within your unique journey of weight loss. These sessions include:

  • Working with changing unhealthy eating habits such as comfort eating, bingeing on junk food and ‘trance-like’ eating
  • Focussing on eating slowly and feeling full with smaller sized portions
  • Getting rid of cravings for sugar or fried foods, chocolates, biscuits, takeaways
  • Getting rid of snacking
  • Building power and control in order to say NO! to unhealthy food in situations
  • Dealing with external triggers and internal emotions for unhealthy eating such as stress, boredom, worry and low self-esteem
  • Addressing any issues that affect your weight
  • Enhancing motivation to exercise and keep focused on your journey of weight loss
  • Building positive mental images of yourself and how you want to look and feel
  • Boosting happiness within you in order to achieve the desired weight loss outcomes

Five Unique Hypnosis Audios

Included within the Positive Weight Loss Plan are five recordings that form part of the hypnotherapy sessions and are designed to help you stay focused and supported at home. Losing weight is a commitment to positive lifestyle changes and these audios build confidence within you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Total Cost: £239.99

Call Mark on 07532 200862 or email and find out how he can help you lose weight.