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Bereavement & Grief

It is natural to grieve the loss of someone or something that we love, for example, a family member or friend, a pet, even an ambition in life. It is important to distinguish between bereavement, which is a persons response to the death of a loved one, and grief, which is loss that is not associated with death, for example, the loss of a job, limb.

The reactions we experience through the death of a loved one can be identified through bereavement, whereas mourning the loss of someone or something is the manner in which we display our grief.

Whatever your personal loss, it is important to let your grief take its natural course in order to heal fully. Grieving is a process that encompasses the mind, body and spirit and can elicit physical symptoms (headaches, insomnia) as well as adversely affecting our emotions (anger, anxiety, guilt). The result is that our mental and spiritual health become adversely affected too.

What will I expect in a typical hypnotherapy session dealing with bereavement and grief?

Through hypnosis, we will explore how your thoughts are connected to your physical health. We will determine what triggers your guilt, anger, anxiety or any other emotions. If appropriate, we will examine past examples of how you coped with grief.

I will help you move through grief in a safe, effective way. You will come to understand that the complicated emotions and/or physical symptoms you are experiencing are part of the natural process of grieving.


Call 07532 200862 or email mark@positivesuggestions.co.uk today and book your free consultation to find out how Mark can help you overcome your grief and bereavement.

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