Hypnotherapy for getting rid of negative and annoying habits


Unwanted and unhealthy habits can take over our lives and cause us both mental and physical stress. They can also impact negatively at work and on the people we love, such as friends and family.

How Mark can help you get rid of your unwanted habit

We are all different and exhibit different triggers and symptoms focussed around our bad habit. Other factors such as our lifestyle, values and beliefs, and thought patterns (including our reactions to our thoughts), anxiety and stress can also play an important part.

Mark makes extensive notes during the free initial consultation so that he can tailor a specific treatment plan for each client utilising a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Examples of habits Mark has helped clients overcome include:

Teeth grinding (Bruxism)
Nail biting
Muscle twitches and spasms
Binge drinking
Evening Drinking Habits
Hair pulling (Trichotillomania)
Skin and acne picking

These are just a few examples. Mark has helped clients with many more unwanted habits and behaviours.

What will I expect in a typical hypnotherapy session dealing with unwanted habits?

A typical hypnotherapy session lasts 60 minutes, during which we will explore and break the triggers surrounding the habit, as well as investigating, and changing unwanted thought processes so that the habit no longer has a hold on you.

We will also work on reducing and eliminating urges as well as breaking cycles of repetitive unwanted behaviour, focussing instead on integrating positive behaviours. Other strategies may incorporate positive lifestyle changes and challenging and overcoming any negative values and beliefs.

We will reduce and eliminate any stress and anxiety which may trigger the unwanted behaviour.The combination of hypnotherapy and NLP that I use as part of my integrative approach is very effective in embedding positive change on a deep, lasting level.

Free yourself from your unwanted habit today.

Face-to-face, online (video) and telephone hypnotherapy sessions offered - choose which option is best for you

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