Hypnotherapy for overcoming addictions


Addiction can be a physical or psychological dependency on substances such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs such as heroin. It can also be defined as the continued involvement with an activity or substance that causes negative consequences. Addiction can also be defined as an abnormal psychological dependency on, for example, food, sex, gambling.

In many ways, addictive behaviours can be viewed as a normal part of our makeup: it has been scientifically proven that every animal on the earth shares the same basic pleasure and reward circuits in the brain. These can all be turned on when in contact with addictive substances or with the involvement of pleasurable acts.

The problem with any addiction is that we need to increase the activity more and more in order to gain any satisfaction from it. Inevitably, the more we indulge in our addiction the less pleasure we get from it. We are simply thwarting off the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

How do I know I have an addiction?

Look at the following questions to see of your behavior is out of control:

Does my problem activity take up a lot of my time?
Do I often overindulge in my problem activity without consciously realizing it?
Do I need to do more and more of the activity in order to get any satisfaction?
Do I experience withdrawal symptoms if I stop myself from doing the activity?
Have I stopped my initial addictive activity but replaced it with another addictive behavior instead?
Have I tried to quit my addiction a few times?
Does my addiction affect other areas of my life?

If you have answered YES to at least four of the above questions, you have an addictive behavior.

You are never in control if you indulge more in an activity than you had intended to. The activity is controlling you. It is time to stop.

Quit your addiction

In order to quit your addiction you must WANT TO quit your addiction.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are extremely effective in getting rid of unwanted addictions through utilizing, for example, positive imagery, self-relaxation and self-affirmations. In effect what is happening in this process is that I am helping you to break out of the ‘trance’ of addiction that you have fallen into.

What will I expect in a typical hypnotherapy session dealing with addiction?

Together we will explore the emotions relating to your addictive behaviour, and the impact of this behaviour on your family and friends. I will help you realize the negative impact your addiction is having in your life and the life of your loved ones.

Together we will shift the emotional perceptions you have regarding your addiction in order to bring about changes in you that will stop the cycle of addictive behaviour.

As part of your action plan, we will set goals for you to overcome your addiction. I will teach you various coping strategies so that in times of stress you will not relapse back into your addictive behaviour.

Each client is treated uniquely, with a personalized action plan that identifies stressors, triggers and situations for their addictive behaviour. Each client is taught to respond with specific physical and mental actions to these elements in order to combat their influence.

Don’t let addiction ruin your life.

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