Leicester hypnotherapy for Confidence Building

Would you like to be more confident and assured?
Do you see your life passing you by?

Do you feel let down by life in any way?

Having confidence is one of the most important factors in leading a successful, fulfilling life. It allows us to view life as full of positive challenges that can be overcome. Confidence makes us feel great about ourselves. Having confidence means that other people are automatically drawn to us.

Low-self confidence can stop the things we want to do in our lives. It can generate many negative feelings and emotions:

  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Embarrassment and awkwardness
  • Fear
  • Powerlessness
  • Worthlessness
  • Envy of confident people
  • Guilt
  • Blame
  • Pessimism
  • Depression and apathy
  • Resent

Are we born confident?

The overwhelming answer is – yes! Babies do not hold back on getting their needs met, prompting Freud to quote the phrase ‘His majesty, the baby.’ So confidence is inherent in all of us. As we progress through life, certain things happen to reduce our confidence. These include:

  • Making mistakes
  • Failing to live up to our expectations
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Illness
  • Criticism
  • People that we trust and have let us down
  • Loss of financial security
  • Loss of home
  • Being fooled by someone

The following are examples of comments made by people that exhibit low confidence:

‘I’ve lost my job and won’t be able to find another one.’
‘My friends are more successful than me.’
‘My children don’t listen to me anymore.’
‘I can’t help having no confidence – it’s just the way I am.’

This is not true. Everyone can be confident. It is your right to be as confident as you want to be. With improved confidence you will see far-reaching gains in your life, including improved social and professional interaction with people, a higher self-esteem, more courage to try new things, improved relationships with your family and friends.

How Hypnotherapy and NLP can make you confident

Hypnotherapy and NLP are extremely effective techniques in building confidence and increasing self-esteem, replacing negative thoughts and removing self-doubt. Through hypnosis, you will build a more positive future as well as improving your own self-image.

In many cases a lack of confidence can be attributed to negative experiences when you were a child or teenager. Hypnosis is very good at realigning the negative thought processes around these negative experiences. Through a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, you can build a strong positive self-image.

Do you want to:

  • Be confident and feel comfortable in social situations?
  • Improve your self-esteem so that you see yourself as a very positive, capable person who can achieve anything they want to in life?
  • Improve your relationships with your family, friends and work colleagues?
  • Connect with others more easily?
  • Be a better communicator?
  • Express yourself without feeling awkward?
  • Improve your presentation skills in the workplace?
  • Be more assertive in meetings?
  • Get your opinions across more effectively?

Mark offers a range of treatment options, all of which are extremely effective in building confidence and self-esteem. Don’t let low confidence ruin your life any longer. Take action now.

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