Leicester Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Sadly, gambling addiction is one of the most common addictions that people need help with. The prevalence of betting shops, online apps, advertising by large gambling companies on TV, means that gambling is constantly present in our world.

Has gambling taken over your life?
Do you constantly think about gambling?
Do you spend more and more money on gambling?

Do you find it impossible to stop gambling?
Do you have ever growing debts because of gambling?
Are family and friends affected by your gambling?

If you have issues with any of the above then it is time to stop before gambling ruins your life.

Hypnotherapy to stop gambling - Positive Suggestions

Mark offers hypnotherapy to help you stop gambling and offers you extensive experience within overcoming this addiction. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to your own specific experience of gambling, the triggers for your gambling and any emotions or feelings surrounding the habit. You will also receive an audio download after each session which will provide you with support at home.

Take control of your life and give up gambling for good.

Face-to-face, online (video) and telephone hypnotherapy sessions offered - choose which option is best for you

To find out how Mark can help you get rid of gambling book a free consultation - call 07532 200862 or email mark@positivesuggestions.co.uk today.