GHR (reg), Dip. Hyp, Dip. NLP, GQHP, MSc, BSc, PGCE

Best Selling Author: Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Textbook (Routledge)


“I know what I need to do to get on in life but I just don’t do it…”

“Part of me wants to fail…”

‘I see other people living the dream and I’m stuck in a bad job…”

“My work life balance is making me ill…”

“I feel depressed and can’t get myself out of feeling this way…”

“I don’t like myself… I don’t like who I’ve become…”

Do any of the above statements resonate with you? Read on!

My Story

Life can be difficult. Simply realising this can lift the pressure we put on ourselves a little. Yet we remain stuck in a mental and physical environment that is doing us harm. We plod on, enduring the pain and suffering, feeling bad about ourselves, feeling anger and resentment towards others: ‘him’ at work who is bullying, ‘her’ who has the dream job that I want even though she is ten years younger than me.

It’s no wonder that we feel like this. In school we are taught to pick something we know nothing or very little about, a career or subject for example, and work at it and that that will guarantee lots of money, and the inevitable success and happiness. This work hard at all costs is a mantra that is played out a lot in the West. ‘Work hard – work hard – play… not enough effort, work hard – work hard – work hard – play… still not enough… work harder – work harder – hard – harder – harder…’ I realise now, some thirty odd years later that what I should have been taught at school, alongside the academic stuff, was how to connect with my mind and body so that there is a healthy balance between the two, a solid foundation for growth and self-development. I should have been taught about love and compassion, and how to share this with others. I should have been taught how to still the mind during busy, turbulent times, especially when things are happening outside of our control. I would have really enjoyed learning how to utilise the power of my imagination, innate wonder and curiosity, characteristics that we have bucket loads of as children, in order to build a successful, purposeful life without self-imposed or unconscious limitations.

Luckily I opened my eyes from an early age. I went to university and had lots of fun playing in a rock band. Most of my friends that I shared a house with left university and went straight onto the hamster wheel. One or two of them I would never see again. Something stopped me from heading into the abyss. Instead I took my time and thought about the things in life that I was deeply passionate about. Music was a passion and so I enrolled on a course in music production and music business studies. This led to a successful 10-year stint as the owner of a recording studio in London. Lots of fun was had!

After selling the business, I taught music technology full-time for five years (my only full-time job EVER!!) before exploring the interest I had in the mind and how it’s infinite power could be used to grow and develop inside and out, to manifest success and fulfilment, to discover passion and purpose, and ultimately to live better. I have over ten years experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and have helped many people overcome difficult challenges and issues, to help them find a better way of life and to feel good about themselves. This has led to a publishing contract with Routledge and the book ‘Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Textbook’, co-written with my sister who is a psychotherapist.

Along with over 18 years of teaching experience I am fully prepared and ready to help you overcome any barriers you may have in your life in order to flourish and to achieve the things that you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to get a better job, start a new business, develop good relationships with others or have a healthier work-life balance. Maybe you want to feel a purpose and passion in life. Or there are barriers and obstacles, both conscious and unconscious that need to be overcome in order to lead a happier existence. Maybe you need to fill the emptiness inside with something worthwhile, stimulating, exciting. Perhaps you wish to get back on a simpler path that you once had and lost along the way. Whatever journey you wish to take in your personal or professional life I can help you plan, grow and experience new things. We both grow and learn from our relationship with each other, an exchange of healthy energy.


Solution Focused – Barrier Breaking – Nurturing – Self Connection – Awareness – Motivation – Energy Boosting – Fulfilment – Creativity - Instinct – Hunch - Success - Passion - Mission - Purpose

Solution Focused - Motivation - Energy

I am solution-focused and we will work together to find solutions for you to achieve your goals, whatever these may be. Collaborative work ensures that we can get beyond any barriers or obstacles that you feel may be stopping you. A solution-focused approach means nurturing a presence and strong connection with the Self, becoming motivated and energised to make things happen now!


My approach is nurturing and guiding, so that we both enjoy the journey that leads to your destination, focusing on the strengths and resources you carry within your being.

In the Western world we have the tools for self-development and personal growth but all too often these are blunt. Without community, the sharing of stories, friendship and company there is little substance to our existence. It is easy to have a distant vision of success and achievement, but it is not so easy to focus upon the ‘little’ things, the ‘near’ things that help us get to the vision. It’s surprising how quickly you can achieve things if you enjoy the stages that lead to success rather than solely focusing on the success itself. As anyone that has unconditionally loved someone will tell you, the success of love is in loving and not the expectation of receiving anything from loving.

Creativity - Fulfilment

As humans we have a tendency to make a picture of ourselves and then to live out the picture. If the view of ourselves and our place in the world is distorted this can result in a trapped, controlled life where we feel unhappy and stuck. A big part of my work is to help your creativity shine, allowing you to change the picture of yourself in such a way that it becomes colourful, bold, exciting.

Instinct - Hunch - Success

An understated and often little understood process for positive change is utilising instinct and hunch to make decisions. We will work together on developing these and other core feelings within you so that you can trust your gut feeling throughout your life, recognising that we all have a wise inner guide within us that makes the right choices at the right times.

Passion - Mission - Purpose

Let's explore and develop the passion you already have within you, a passion that is waiting to burst out, for without passion any strategy for change can be like walking through a meadow that has lost its flowers and herbs, a one-dimensional experience, lacking spark, vision. Passion when coupled with mission and purpose can energise and embolden you as you let go of the old and welcome the new.

You are supported

You are supported throughout your personal life journey and beyond. I offer

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