Phone or Video Consultations and Online Hypnotherapy Sessions offered from the comfort of your home

Mark offers phone or video consultations and online hypnotherapy sessions so that you can stay in the comfort and safety of your own home. Each hypnotherapy session also contains an audio, specifically recorded for you, which will provide extra support.

Call Mark on 07532 200862 or email to book your FREE phone or video consultation.

The Benefits of Online Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort of your home

  • All you need is a computer or mobile phone

  • Receive an audio with each session, specifically recorded for you, which will provide support at home

  • Exactly the same hypnotherapy service as face-to-face

  • Mark has helped hundreds of clients all over the UK through online hypnotherapy

  • Receive a FREE hypnosis audio with the consultation

The Benefits of Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy means hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home, making it easier for you to relax in your own surroundings. All you need is a comfortable chair, a computer or laptop or mobile phone and a pair of headphones although the headphones aren’t necessary.

I have offered online hypnotherapy for ten years now and many of my clients use online hypnotherapy because of their busy work schedules and the fact that they are located in different parts of the country and cannot easily get to my office.

They find the same benefits from online hypnotherapy as any client who visits my office would, and I’ve no doubt that you will to.

How does online hypnotherapy work?

Online hypnotherapy is no different to face-to-face hypnotherapy. It is a focussed meditation where you focus upon the things that you want to change in your life, whether that be losing fears and anxieties, boosting confidence and self-esteem, getting rid of worry, stopping smoking, losing weight or anything else that you need help with. My website lists all the things that I can help you with.

A typical online session will involve a chat at the beginning where I may take some notes that will help me during the session. The next part is the hypnotherapy session itself where we focus on letting go of any stresses and anxieties, relax your muscles by using your mind and then delivering the suggestions that will help you with the positive changes that you want.

When the mind is relaxed it is very open to positive suggestions which means that you can begin to let go of the things that you wish to let go of and to focus on the things that you want to change in order to give you the positive outcomes in your life that you wish.

At the end of the hypnotherapy session we have another chat and this is a great opportunity for you to provide feedback and for me to plan the next session should we need one.

You will also receive an audio download with every session, personally recorded by me, that will either contain elements of our session or will provide a useful addition to the work that we have done. The audios will provide you with support at home.

Can I book an online or telephone consultation?

Yes I offer both online and telephone consultations where we discuss your issues and the things that you need help with in order for me to tailor a hypnotherapy plan specific to your individual needs.

You will also find out about the benefits of hypnotherapy and what to expect in a typical session as well as receiving a relaxing meditation download.

Consultations are free so book today by calling me on 07532 200862 or emailing .