Positive Suggestions Hypnotherapy Leicester for enhancing and improving sports performance

Enhance Your Sports Performance

Do you suffer from competition nerves?
Have you experienced a mental block?
Do you lack confidence at vital moments?
Would you like to improve your focus?
Would you like to be able to concentrate better?
Are you in the middle of a slump in form?
Are you coming back from injury?
Do you lack motivation to be the best you possibly can be?

Whatever your requirement, sports hypnosis is an effective method of boosting sports performance, building confidence and overcoming psychological blocks. It is also used for reducing stress and anxiety - particularly in critical situations when your performance has to be at its optimum – improving your technique and getting your mind and body ready for intense competition.

Sports hypnosis is used by many top athletes and sportsmen in the world, enhancing their performance and optimizing results.

Mark offers a range of sports hypnosis and NLP techniques encompassing positive visualization, self-relaxation, self-motivation, anchoring of peak performance feelings, super-focused attention, improved mental and technical conditioning.

Calling All Golfers!

Whether you are a professional, club player or individual who just wants to improve their golf swing, sports hypnosis at Positive Suggestions offers you quick and effective results in a calm, safe environment.

What will I expect in a typical sports performance hypnotherapy session?

Each treatment plan is individually tailored to the athlete’s specific needs. For example, if an athlete has problems with competition anxiety, we may work on anxiety management techniques, coupled with, for example, positive visualization exercises and anchoring of peak performance feelings.

Positive visualization is highly effective in improving athletic movement, developing concentration and confidence and reducing stress and anxiety. Anchoring peak performance feelings means that you have a readily available trigger for getting you into ‘the zone’ prior and during competition. Athletes coming back from injury may require pain management strategies as well as working on improving self-motivation, mental and technical conditioning.

If someone feels low about any aspect of their training, mental and physical preparation, we will stop negative self-talk, as well as restore and build confidence. Setting realistic and achievable training and performance goals and outcomes is a vital part of sports hypnosis, improving motivation and training efforts throughout the season.

Hypnosis can also be used to develop improvements within technique, for example using guided imagery to improve your golf swing.

Face-to-face, online (video) and telephone hypnotherapy sessions offered

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