Leicester hypnotherapy for managing pain

Pain Management

Although most of us know pain to be a physical sensation that causes suffering and distress within our bodies, there are many psychological factors in determining its impact and intensity.

These factors include our emotions, personal characteristics, our experiences of pain, and what we perceive it to mean.

1. Emotions – when pain is experienced as a result of disease, illness or some kind of chronic condition then anxiety and pain are often inseparable. Dealing with any associated anxiety and depression is vital in successful pain management, breaking the cycle between the two. It is important to understand that pain can lead to negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, and negative emotions can bring about pain.

2. Characteristics – in general, people that have low self-esteem, lack of motivation and a dependency on others, usually experience more severe pain. It is important to work on motivation within the afflicted individual in order to develop aggression within them to control the pain.

3. Experiences – in general, people who associate pain with negative elements experience pain more severely than those who associate pain with positive elements, for example, seeing pain as being a necessary part of your present rehabilitation as opposed to viewing it as the return of a disease.

4. Perceptions – studies have shown that pain is intrinsically linked to our psychological perceptions, so hypnosis (which is oriented psychologically) can be very effective in controlling pain.

Whether your pain is chronic (for example, persistent back pain), or due to surgery, injury, illness or disease, you want to be able to control and ease it.

Hypnosis provides a non-invasive, natural healing process for controlling and managing pain.

What will I expect in a typical hypnotherapy session dealing with pain management?

Common types of pain that Mark helps clients manage include dental pain, post-operative pain, sports injury and exercise pain, muscle pain, phantom limb pain, headaches and neuralgia.

Each treatment plan is individually tailored to your particular needs. Mark uses a variety of techniques that include direct suggestions for pain reduction incorporating hypnotic analgesia, hypnotic disocciation procedures, as well as help with altering the client's experience and perception of pain. Mark's targets are to help reduce any stress and anxiety associated with the pain as well as helping the client gain control of their pain by transforming, altering or displacing it.

Face-to-face, online (video) and telephone hypnotherapy sessions offered

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