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“Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” Mark Twain.

Sound familiar?
Given up for a couple of days only to find yourself lighting one up when you get stressed?
Wake up in the mornings with an irritating cough?
Spending a weekly fortune on cigarettes?

Whatever your reasons for giving up smoking, hypnotherapy is the most effective method of helping you quit.

What will I expect in a typical hypnotherapy session dealing with smoking cessation?

We will explore your relationship with cigarettes: how many you smoke in a day; when, where and with whom; what you were doing when you had a cigarette; your emotions and thoughts before you lit up. We will break the connections with smoking and your daily activities, thoughts and emotions, replacing these with healthy connections. I will help you take control of your life, give up your addiction to nicotine and take better care of your body.

- Stop smoking
- Save money
- Feel better
- Look better
- See yourself as that healthy non-smoker who stopped years ago

Introducing the Positive Stop Smoking Plan

Mark's Positive Stop Smoking Plan is a two session treatment, each session comprising 1 hour in length, and includes four audio recordings designed to reinforce the work accomplished during the sessions and a full after-care service within one month of the initial treatment. The audios provide support for you as a non-smoker at home.

Smoke free after two sessions with free after-care!

Free After-Care Service

Although Mark's Positive Stop Smoking Plan is a two session treatment, if you are one of the very, very few that feels that they may benefit from additional support, Mark offers a completely free 1-month after-care service, which includes:

1. Free booster sessions within 1 month of the initial treatment (as many as you feel necessary). Booster sessions are 30 minutes in length and you can either book an appointment with Mark at his practice, or choose to opt for phone support or web-cam support through Skype.

2. Phone Support - If your schedule is such that you cannot make it into the office, Mark offers booster sessions via telephone. As many as you feel necessary within 1 month of the initial treatment.

3. Web-cam Support - Mark also offers booster sessions through video call via Skype. As many as you feel necessary within 1 month of the initial treatment.

Book as many booster sessions as you need within 1 month of the initial treatment!

Face-to-face, online (video) and telephone hypnotherapy sessions offered

Call 07532 200862 or email today and book your free consultation to find out how Mark can help you quit smoking.