Client Testimonials - Clinical Hypnotherapist Mark Spalek MSc.


"Thanks Mark, I was really worried about pitching to potential business investors but the sessions that we did on public performance nerves really helped and I was able to present my services with confidence and also I was relaxed and comfortable in front of the large number of people. I'm already looking forward to future pitches!"

"Before coming to see Mark my driving anxiety had gotten so bad that I was avoiding busy roads and could only drive at certain times of the day which made it difficult in terms of getting to work. Mark taught me how to relax my mind and body with some simple breathing exercises which I was able to apply in a car. We also worked through all the anxieties that I had about other drivers pulling out of a junction or driving too quickly and I was soon able to let this anxiety go. Once we got rid of the anxiety, Mark helped me boost my confidence in a car and I’m now at the point where I can drive confidently and calmly and I no longer stress about or avoid busy roads. Thanks to Mark I’ve got my old enjoyment of driving back!" Tina, Leicester.

"In terms of my spider phobia, just this afternoon came my biggest challenge, a largish thick, black one by my feet in the conservatory where I was sitting down working. I immediately took my glasses off which of course shrunk the spider and stood looking at it doing my breathing, saying I was brave, I was back in my relaxing place on the beach like you taught me. I actually then removed it with the same catcher and emptied it outside.  To say, I’m beside myself with disbelief, happiness, pride etc. would be a fairly good description, I know my heart is beating faster and I have tears in my eyes! Its just so wonderful for me to know I can actually deal with something that has been so horrific in my life up till now. I’m extremely grateful for your help."

"The journey of losing weight was something that I went to Mark to get help with, as I’d tried dieting in the past and this worked for a bit but I would find myself going back to old eating habits once more. Mark worked through the emotions and feelings surrounding my comfort eating habits and I was able to lift these so that I no longer eat chocolate or drink fizzy drinks. They just don’t appeal to me anymore. Since I’ve been to see Mark I’ve lost two and a half stones and feel great about myself. I would recommend his professional caring service to anyone who needs help with losing weight." Vish, Leicester.

"Thanks for all your help over the last few months. I've found the sessions have really helped me to focus more and I've absolutely learned how to handle difficult situations much better. You had your work cut out with me as there were so many different issues I wanted to work on (e.g. anxiety, stress, procrastination, stage fright and food related issues), but each session has really helped to tackle each one. I now feel equipped to face my next personal adventure, moving abroad!" Alex, Leicester

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and I can honestly say I am at ease when batting and feel really confident. Thank you for helping me regain my form and develop techniques to be able to deal with these situations within the future." TG, Leicester

"After many decades of performing and speaking in front of crowds of all sizes for a living, I experienced a devastating incident that shook my self-confidence to the core. Suddenly, I became traumatized speaking or performing in front of any group of people.

Desperate to find a path back to the confidence and joy to perform again, I contacted Mark Spalek to see what possibilities hypnotherapy might offer me.

From the very beginning, I found Mark's approach to be highly professional - he invested 150% of himself in guiding me towards regaining the performance self-confidence I had once enjoyed.

The outcome working together with Mark was truly miraculous. I had regained so much of the poise and confidence I had enjoyed as a teacher/speaker/performer that I arranged to do a one man show (75 minutes long) in support of a local charity. Further, each day I continue following the techniques developed through my sessions with Mark, my confidence improves… I'm the old Steve again!!!!" SK, Leicester

"Thanks Mark, for helping me overcome blushing when I was put on the spot at work or in a social situation where I didn't know all the people. For years my blushing had gotten worse and I am so glad that I came to see you. Now I no longer blush in any situation, work or social, and feel much more confident and self-assured with people." AS, Leicester

"I came to see Mark because I had a phobia of birds which was getting in the way of my day-to-day life. I wasn't able to walk down streets where there were birds and was constantly thinking about birds. Mark lifted my phobia in only a couple of sessions and I am now free and can walk down any street without any fear. I don't even notice birds anymore and have completely forgotten that I had any fear. Thanks for helping me Mark." Mehtab, Leicester.

"My comfort eating was getting out of hand and I started to put a lot of weight on. After a few sessions with Mark I dealt with the negative emotions around my eating habits and the weight has come off quickly. I am now my perfect weight and feel great! Thanks mark for all you have done." Trish, Leicester

"Being a busy professional with a demanding job, I found the hypnotherapy sessions with Mark really helpful in terms of reducing my work-related stress. The sessions helped me to build self-confidence and to value the contributions I make to my organisation.

"Mark is a great listener and has lots of useful suggestions as to how to deal with a high work-load whilst at the same time enjoying life. His sessions have enabled me to take a deep breath and to completely relax, which has then helped all aspects of my work and home life." Barbara


"I was smoking twenty cigarettes a day for the the last twenty five years and thanks to Mark I have been able to quit, saving myself a fortune in terms of what I was spending on my habit. I no longer have the urge to smoke and have really benefitted from Mark's brilliant aftercare service which gave me the confidence to become smoke-free. Thanks!" SM, Leicester.


"Returning to education after 25 years was extremely difficult for me. I needed help with coping with exam stress and being able to retain information more efficiently. Mark helped me view exams in a completely different way, so much so that whenever I do an exam now, I am completely confident and relaxed.

Mark also helped me with revision and storing and recalling information. Before I came to Mark my average grades were in the forties. I now average in the eighties, a massive increase! Thanks Mark, you've been brilliant." Sean, Leicester

"I am so very very grateful that I was recommended by a GP to see you Mark. Before I came to see you I was struggling with low self-esteem and self-worth and was in a bad place. After a few sessions I was able to let go of negative thoughts and feelings and began to value myself positively. I now have great self-esteem and know that I am a unique and special person. I feel so much better and have positive thoughts and feelings towards myself. Fantastic!" Julie.

"Starting a new job made me feel so anxious and worried that I found it difficult to sleep during the night. Mark helped me remove this anxiety and stress, giving me the confidence to acknowledge that I could do my new job well. He also helped with releasing negative thoughts and emotions and focussing on the positives instead which really boosted my self-esteem. My sleep is now great and I love my new job." Tony, Leicester.

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