Treatments and Therapies at Positive Suggestions Hypnotherapy Leicester


Mark offers a range of therapies with tailor-made treatment plans that will suit your own particular needs and requirements:


Hypnotherapy is the process of suggestion of ideas, lifestyle changes and concepts by the therapist to the client when the client is in a deeply relaxed state. The process involves the client being in a state of hypnosis, which is nothing more than a deeply relaxed and focused state. The therapist talks directly to the subconscious part of the mind, where change at a deep level happens.

Because the suggestions from a therapist bypass the conscious part of the client’s mind, focusing instead on the subconscious part, hypnotherapy is a great way of helping people achieve their goals.

The client’s attention is focused away from current reality into an altered state of relaxation, where attention is focused on the client’s thoughts, emotions, behaviours, concepts and feelings. Hypnotherapy allows us to break patterns of thought and learned behaviours, so that we can bring about positive changes in physical illnesses, emotional and behavioural issues, and mental abilities.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is an extremely powerful discipline that explores the relationship between our thoughts (neuro), communication (linguistic), and our patterns of behaviour and emotions (programming).

What I offer you as an NLP Practitioner:

Through complete attentiveness to your specific needs and requirements, we will be able to:

- Replace negative behaviours and habits with positive ones, with immediate and significant effects
- Influence your emotions and thoughts in a positive manner
- Detach from painful and unwanted memories and emotions
- Improve your understanding of what motivates you
- Improve your understanding of your needs and behaviours
- Create positive changes in your life quickly, without lots of exploratory work

Change is possible now.

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