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Lose Weight Effectively With Hypnosis

Had enough of the latest diets that never seem to work?

Fed up with piling the weight back on once you’ve stopped dieting?

Want to gain long lasting weight loss and a slimmer body?

The problem with diets

Diets lead to short-term weight loss but these losses are not maintained. In the case of very restrictive diets, this is mostly due to a loss in water. Unless you carry on dieting forever, which is easier said than done when you feel constantly hungry, the chances are you will pile the weight back on once the diet is finished.

In short, diets do not cure obesity. Furthermore, the cycle of weight loss through dieting followed by weight gain once you are off the diet can have detrimental effects on your health, metabolism and psychology.

Why we put weight back on

Weight regain can be attributed to:

• Negative emotional states
• Unexpected/unpredictable stressful life events
• Perception of food


Help is at hand

Through a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, Mark can help you set realistic goals for your weight loss programme. We will examine the way you think about food, the emotions behind your bingeing, in order to break your habitual cycle of overeating or overindulging in problematic, junk food.

Mark will help you gain positive motivation towards exercise, as well as an appreciation for a healthier lifestyle in which you value yourself, both internally, and the way you look and feel. Mark will help you cope with any future compulsions to binge.

Mark will also help you act on any weight regain that may occur, in order to keep you maintained at a healthy weight.

Why hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective in weight loss

Hypnotherapy and NLP communicate directly at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind is responsible for controlling our thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Hypnotherapy and NLP allow the subconscious mind to develop new alternatives to existing patterns of thoughts, behaviours and feelings.

Through the use of hypnosis, the subconscious mind will direct you to behaviours that will help you lose weight. Your perception of food will be radically changed, so much so that you will start to appreciate healthy food while letting go of junk food cravings. Behaviour changes will also include improved motivation for exercise as well as sticking to a regular plan for exercise.

You will learn to understand the difference between eating due to your emotional thoughts – resulting in bingeing and comfort eating - and healthy eating when hungry. All these factors will improve your chances of successful, permanent weight loss, as well as making you not only look great, but feel great too.

Important variables for maintaining weight loss

1. Exercise.

2. Positive self-statements related to weight-reduction efforts.

3. Self-regulatory activities (goal setting, monitoring of eating or weight, early recognition of weight regain).

What will I expect in a typical hypnotherapy session dealing with weight loss?

We will focus on changing the way you think about food. We will fill in a questionnaire about your eating habits. The results will then be used to focus on how to change to ‘healthy eating’. The focus will be on developing a positive approach to food and avoiding the concept of dieting and prohibited foods.

You will be encouraged to identify positive changes that you can make in relation to eating habits, changing attitudes towards food, exercising more, from one session to the next. The concept of healthy eating is reinforced in each session.

The benefits of regular exercise are encouraged. Specific problems that the client has are discussed in each session. Reversal of poor eating habits and reinforcement of the treatment plan are vital in order for clients to successfully reach and maintain their target weight.

Tips for effective weight loss

1. Eat less foods that have a high sugar or high fat content.

2. Take regular exercise. Start with a simple walk each day and build from there. Regular aerobic exercise will help you build a healthier body and get rid of excess fat.

3. Reduce overall caloric intake.

4. Drink plenty of water instead of drinks that contain lots of sugar.

5. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

6. Plan your meals so you know what you are eating in terms of calories. Balancing your calorie intake with calories consumed due to physical exercise will help you achieve your desired weight.

7. Grill your meat instead of frying it.

8. Don’t be too hard on yourself – weight loss should occur naturally over time, and should not be more than two pounds per week.

9. Set realistic weight loss goals in your plan and track your progress daily.

10. Feel good about yourself.


Have you had a weight problem for as long as you can remember?

Do you want to lose weight and not put it back on?

Do you want a healthier lifestyle?
Do you want to feel great about yourself?

Do you want a new, slimmer body?
Do you want to look good?

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