Will hypnotherapy help anxiety?

There are many different types of anxiety states that clients bring to the table in my practice. Irrational fears, phobias, ‘free floating’ anxiety which seems to attach itself from one thing to another, and obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviours are amongst the most common I encounter on a daily basis.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in treating anxiety because it can have a direct and positive influence on our thoughts, emotions, feelings and perceptions of, for example, an anxiety provoking event.

Strategies and Techniques for overcoming anxiety using hypnotherapy

Over the years I have developed numerous interventions for overcoming anxiety, helping clients take control of their lives and regain their confidence and self-esteem. These include:

  • Direct and indirect suggestions for anxiety relief
  • Reducing the impact of anxiety and fear through stories and metaphors that communicate directly with the unconscious mind
  • Building confidence and self-esteem to prepare you for a life without anxiety and stress
  • Coping mechanisms designed to provide relief from any fear or anxiety triggers

I integrate these techniques with other methods such as mindfulness and keeping a thought diary to help you better understand the emotions and feelings surrounding a fearful thought or anxiety trigger. We then work on any new things you have discovered about your anxiety in the sessions themselves and this is an effective way of helping you get rid of anxiety.

If you have any questions regarding how hypnotherapy can help your anxiety please get in touch and I will gladly help. Also if you wish to book a free consultation I am always here!

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Mark Spalek
Clinical Hypnotherapist
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