Will hypnotherapy help me process emotional distress?

Emotional distress can affect us in many different ways. Fears and phobias, compulsive habits, past traumas can all lead to emotional distress that we carry with us like a lead weight. Hypnotherapy can be useful in allowing clients to process emotional distress effectively and safely.

Through my many years of work as a hypnotherapist I have developed strategies and techniques designed to process and soothe emotional distress. These include:

  • Re-imagining events rather than re-living events – the power of a client’s imagination can be used to reframe a traumatic event in order to diffuse the emotions and feelings surrounding the event. For example, someone with a fear of birds can be taken back to the initial event that led to the trauma and in a dissociated way that doesn’t re-live the event, they can soothe the version of themselves that experienced the initial fear in order to process their emotions, thoughts and feelings in a way that weakens the fear.
  • Clients can gently experience emotional episodes on a movie screen, where they imagine themselves as being calm and relaxed, in order to let go of traumas.
  • Guided imagery techniques under hypnosis can help us understand the dynamics of our emotional distress better which in turn can allow us to diffuse the anxiety around our distress, making it easier for us to deal with. We can be taught to imagine ourselves dealing with a situation whilst feeling calm, safe and relaxed instead of anxious and fearful.
  • Systematic desensitisation and cognitive restructuring under hypnosis can really help to allow you to overcome fears and become confident that you can, for example, go flying without the fear.
  • Hypnosis techniques focus on building calmness, relaxation, positivity and confidence within us – these are powerful states that weaken emotional distress.

These are just some of the ways in which I work in order to help you let go of emotional distress and embrace positivity and self-empowerment that will make you feel better.

Yours truly,

Mark Spalek
Clinical Hypnotherapist
GHR (reg), Dip. Hyp, Dip. NLP, GQHP, MSc, BSc, PGCE

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