Will hypnotherapy help my depression?

Because depression can be so incredibly overwhelming it can seem that nothing will help us overcome the darkness we are experiencing. However hypnotherapy offers a powerful light that shines within the big black hole within our being, and if the therapist is creative and empathic, shifting out of a depressive state can be possible.

I offer a broad range of skills and exercises that can help you overcome depression

Through years of experience as a therapist I have developed hypnotherapy sessions for depression that include:

  • Grounding exercises such as mindfulness and breathing that help to allow you to connect with a version of yourself that is external to the depression you are feeling
  • Mental rehearsal exercises that help shift the dynamics of depression; once these dynamics are changed they are not as powerful as they once were
  • Acceptance that things in life happen outside of our control, allowing you to let go of any events from the past that led to your depression and to better deal with the flow of life and its ups and downs
  • Use of stories and metaphors to challenge destructive thought patterns and world views such as ‘The world is a bad place’, ‘I’m no good to anyone’, ‘I hate myself.’ We focus on building the brightness within you: ‘The world is an exciting place to experience’, ‘I love myself’, ‘I can and I will’, ‘I am happy.’
  • Exercises for teaching discrimination between thoughts and situations surrounding depression
  • Utilising powerful relaxation states to build a positive, fulfilling life

These strategies, techniques and exercises are geared towards your own unique experience of depression, because we are all different and need help in different ways.

If you have any questions regarding how hypnotherapy can help your depression please get in touch and I will gladly help. Also if you wish to book a free consultation I am always here!

Yours truly,

Mark Spalek
Clinical Hypnotherapist
GHR (reg), Dip. Hyp, Dip. NLP, GQHP, MSc, BSc, PGCE

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